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Pops with frequencies less than 100%

This page shows a list of all populations in which the sum of allele frequencies is less than 100%.

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PopulationLocusTotal Frequency
Algeria pop 2A0.93320
Algeria pop 2B0.96830
Algeria pop 2C0.53250
Algeria pop 2DQA10.78870
Argentina Cuyo RegionA0.97000
Argentina Cuyo RegionB0.97200
Argentina Gran Chaco Eastern TobaA0.97100
Argentina Gran Chaco Eastern TobaB0.95200
Argentina Gran Chaco Eastern TobaDQA10.97700
Argentina Gran Chaco Mataco WichiDPB10.97100
Argentina Gran Chaco Mataco WichiDQA10.97300
Argentina Gran Chaco Mataco WichiDQB10.92700
Argentina Gran Chaco Western Toba PilagaA0.95000
Argentina Gran Chaco Western Toba PilagaB0.96400
Argentina Gran Chaco Western Toba PilagaDQA10.97400
Argentina Gran Chaco Western Toba PilagaDQB10.96600
Argentina KollaDRB10.93000
Australia New South Wales CaucasianC0.96200
Australia South and East CaucasianDRB10.89660
Austria Cord BloodsA 0.77520
Austria Cord BloodsB 0.76220
Austria Cord BloodsC 0.88650
Austria Cord BloodsDRB1 0.84260
Brazil Central Plateau XavanteDPB10.95700
Brazil Parana Afro BrazilianA0.94400
Brazil Parana Afro BrazilianB0.97700
Brazil Parana Afro BrazilianDRB10.92000
Brazil Parana CafuzoA0.94100
Brazil Parana CafuzoB0.94900
Brazil Parana CafuzoDRB10.92200
Brazil Parana CaucasianA0.92300
Brazil Parana CaucasianB0.93900
Brazil Parana CaucasianDRB10.92100
Brazil Parana Mixed raceA0.92700
Brazil Parana Mixed raceB0.92000
Brazil Parana Mixed raceDRB10.94500
Brazil Parana OrientalA0.92200
Brazil Parana OrientalB0.93800
Brazil Parana OrientalDRB10.87700
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul BlackB 0.97700
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul CaucasoidB 0.96390
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul MixedB 0.96200
Brazil Sao Paulo Bauru MixedA 0.97600
Brazil Sao Paulo Bauru MixedB 0.96400
Brazil Sao Paulo pop 2G0.97700
Brazil Southeast Campinas MixedDRB10.81210
Brazil Southeast CaucasianDQB10.93900
Brazil Southeast Mixed RaceDQB10.95600
Brazil Southeast Mixed RaceDRB10.94700
Brazil TerenaDPB10.92600
Brazil Vale do Ribeira QuilombosA 0.00000
Brazil Vale do Ribeira QuilombosB 0.00000
Brazil Vale do Ribeira QuilombosC 0.00000
Brazil Vale do Ribeira QuilombosDRB1 0.00000
Bulgaria RomaniC0.95300
Cameroon Bakola PygmyA0.96640
Cameroon BamilekeA0.89500
Cameroon BamilekeB0.97300
Cameroon SawaB0.95800
Central African Republic Mbenzele PygmyA0.73200
Chile Santiago MixedA0.71950
Chile Santiago MixedB0.64320
Chile Santiago MixedC0.71380
Chile Santiago MixedDQB10.72200
Chile Santiago MixedDRB10.67870
China Harbin KoreanA0.96700
China Harbin KoreanB0.92000
China Harbin ManchuA0.97700
China Harbin ManchuB0.96800
China Hong Kong and SingaporeDRB10.96600
China Jiangxi ProvinceDPB10.94800
China Jiangxi ProvinceDRB10.88200
China Qinghai Province HuiA0.96350
China ShanghaiDRB10.94400
China Urumqi HanDRB10.96100
China Urumqi KazakDPB10.97600
China Urumqi KazakDRB10.90800
China Urumqi UyghurDPB10.96800
China Urumqi UyghurDRB10.96800
China Yunnan Province LahuDRB10.97600
China Yunnan Province NuDPB10.95300
China Yunnan Province NuDQB10.95100
China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region KazakhDRB10.92490
Colombia African pop 2E 0.90100
Colombia Antioquia PaisaDQB10.95100
Colombia Antioquia PaisaDRB10.92900
Colombia Guajira Peninsula Wayuu pop 2E0.90770
Congo Kinshasa expatriates living in BelgiumDRB10.95900
Croatia Krk IslandDRB10.96500
Croatia pop 3A 0.95000
Croatia pop 3B 0.94150
Croatia pop 3C 0.89160
Croatia pop 3DQB1 0.88330
Croatia pop 3DRB1 0.93330
Cuba MixedA0.96400
Cuba Mixed pop 2A0.96300
Cuba Mixed pop 2C0.92100
Cuba Mixed pop 2DRB10.93500
Czech RepublicA0.91300
Czech RepublicDQA10.82700
Czech Republic pop 2DPB10.97310
Czech Republic RomaniDQB10.91870
Czech Republic RomaniDRB10.97040
England LancasterB0.93310
England ManchesterDRB10.95300
England North West Mixed pop 2A 0.93280
England North West Mixed pop 2B 0.94600
England North West Mixed pop 2C 0.93400
England North West Mixed pop 2DPB1 0.88910
England North West Mixed pop 2DRB1 0.94340
Equatorial Guinea Bioko Island BubiDQA10.96700
Equatorial Guinea Bioko Island BubiDRB10.97400
France Corsica IslandA0.95700
France Corsica IslandB0.96300
France Corsica IslandC0.96800
France French Bone Marrow Donor Registry B 0.91210
France French Bone Marrow Donor Registry DRB1 0.97660
France LilleDPB10.96900
France Rennes pop 2DPB10.96230
France Rennes pop 3A0.94000
France Rennes pop 3B0.94500
France SouthDQB10.97200
France WestC0.95980
France WestDRB10.76040
Germany EssenA0.97400
Germany EssenC0.97600
Greece NorthB0.97700
Greece pop 8DPB1 0.92780
Greece pop3A0.93190
Greece pop3B0.97020
Greece pop3C0.94760
Greece pop3DQA10.93440
Greece pop3DRB10.97990
Guatemala MayanB0.92300
Guatemala MayanDRB10.94900
India Bikaner Non-Raikas A 0.89800
India Bikaner Non-Raikas B 0.87500
India Bikaner Non-Raikas DQB1 0.94900
India Bikaner Non-Raikas DRB1 0.95800
India Bikaner Raikas A 0.89000
India Bikaner Raikas B 0.90800
India Bikaner Raikas DQB1 0.97800
India DelhiDQB10.95050
India DelhiDRB10.97700
India Delhi pop 2A0.86200
India Jalpaiguri TotoA0.84360
India Jalpaiguri TotoB0.86430
India Kerala AdiyaC0.95300
India Kerala Hindu EzhavaB0.87100
India Kerala Malabar MuslimA0.97100
India Kerala MalapandaramC0.90000
India Mumbai MarathaDRB10.97700
India North pop 2A0.95500
India North pop 2C0.73600
India North pop 2DQA10.86200
India North pop 2DQB10.89600
India North pop 2DRB10.92600
India Uttar PradeshDRB10.97000
India West BhilA0.81000
Iran AzeriDQB10.95500
Iran Kurd pop 2B0.94700
Iran Royan Cord Blood BankA0.93400
Iran Royan Cord Blood BankB0.90600
Iran Royan Cord Blood BankDRB10.81600
Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 2B0.97600
Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 2DQA10.95200
Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 2DQB10.95900
Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 2DRB10.97300
Israel Ethiopian JewsDQA10.96500
Israel Iranian JewsDQB10.94100
Israel Iranian JewsDRB10.96900
Israel Jews pop 2B0.88950
Israel Moroccan JewsDRB10.97600
Israel Non Ashkenazi JewsDQA10.97200
Israel Non Ashkenazi JewsDQB10.97100
Israel Non Ashkenazi JewsDRB10.93800
Italy North pop 2DRB10.92500
Italy SardiniaDRB10.96500
Italy Sardinia pop3A0.95000
Italy South Campania RegionA0.90810
Italy South Campania RegionB0.91600
Italy South Campania RegionC0.68250
Italy South Campania RegionDRB10.92830
Japan AichiC0.75500
Japan AichiDRB10.96400
Japan CentralDPB10.67800
Japan Hokkaido AinuDRB10.87000
Japan HyogoDPB10.96400
Japan pop 11A0.92340
Japan pop 11B0.89600
Japan pop 14G0.84000
Japan pop 2C0.63000
Japan pop 2DPB10.97100
Japan pop 2DQB10.97800
Japan pop 4DPA1 0.96000
Japan pop 4DPB1 0.97400
Japan pop 7DPB10.96390
Japan SouthDPB10.96360
Jordan AmmanA0.80600
Jordan AmmanB0.80300
Jordan AmmanC0.78600
Macedonia pop 2DQB10.96700
Madeira pop 2B 0.91600
Malaysia Negeri Sembilan MinangkabauB0.97000
Malaysia Negeri Sembilan MinangkabauC0.96000
Malaysia Perak and Johor Banjar Bugis JawaDRB10.97900
Malaysia Perak RawaDRB10.94000
Mexico Guadalajara MestizoDRB10.96300
Mexico Mexico City MestizoB0.97800
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 3B 0.97400
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 3DQB1 0.97900
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 3DRB1 0.92200
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo populationA0.96170
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo populationDRB10.97930
Mexico Michoacan TarascoA0.96600
Mexico Michoacan TarascoB0.94600
Mexico Oaxaca ZapotecB0.96500
Mexico Puebla MestizoB0.97100
Mongolia HotonA0.84900
Mongolia HotonDRB10.90700
Mongolia Khalkha pop 2A0.96100
Mongolia Khalkha pop 2B0.96500
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonA0.84900
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonB0.81500
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonDPA10.97100
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonDPB10.96700
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonDQA10.91400
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonDQB10.95400
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonDRB10.88100
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar KhalkhaA0.87700
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar KhalkhaB0.71700
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar KhalkhaDPB10.97900
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar KhalkhaDQA10.96500
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar KhalkhaDRB10.96200
Morocco CasablancaA0.94300
Morocco CasablancaB0.83500
Morocco pop 2A0.94100
Morocco pop 2B0.93600
Morocco pop 2DQB10.92600
Morocco pop 2DRB10.95000
Morocco Souss RegionDQA10.94900
Morocco Souss RegionDQB10.95000
Morocco Souss RegionDRB10.91900
Norway pop 2DRB10.92800
Norway SamiDRB10.88900
Papua New Guinea East New Britain RabaulB0.97500
Papua New Guinea West Schrader Ranges HaruaiC0.91900
Peru Arequipa MestizoA0.95600
Peru Arequipa MestizoC0.95700
Peru Arequipa MestizoDRB10.96500
Peru Lamas City LamaA0.96400
Peru QuechuaDQA10.89800
Peru QuechuaDQB10.96600
Peru QuechuaDRB10.95400
Poland Wielkopolska RegionDQA10.96400
Poland Wielkopolska RegionDQB10.97200
Poland WroclawE 0.58700
Portugal Center pop 2A0.92800
Portugal Center pop 2B0.93500
Portugal Center pop 2C0.96200
Portugal Center pop 2DQA10.91200
Portugal Center pop 2DQB10.91500
Portugal Center pop 2DRB10.92800
Romania pop 2B 0.96000
Russia Arkhangelsk PomorDRB10.89800
Russia NorthwestB0.96660
Russia Siberia ChukchiDQB10.93400
Russia Siberia ChukchiDRB10.90100
Russia Siberia EskimoDRB10.97150
Saudi ArabiaB0.86880
Saudi ArabiaDPB10.88080
Saudi ArabiaDQB10.95640
Saudi ArabiaDRB10.86910
Saudi Arabia Guraiat and HailC0.95800
Saudi Arabia pop 3DQB10.93000
Scotland OrkneyC0.96900
Scotland OrkneyDQA10.90700
Scotland OrkneyDRB10.90600
Serbia VojvodinaB 0.97900
Slovenia pop 3A 0.95900
Spain Andalusia RomaniA0.97700
Spain Catalonia GironaDQA10.97700
Spain Gipuzkoa BasqueDPA10.97300
Spain Gipuzkoa BasqueDRB10.96800
Spain Majorcans JewsB0.96200
Spain Malaga RomaniDQB10.91710
Spain MurciaA0.92900
Spain MurciaB0.96000
Spain NorthB0.85270
Spain NorthDRB10.82490
Spain North CabuernigaA0.97000
Spain North CabuernigaDRB10.96400
Spain North CantabriaB0.92500
Spain Pas ValleyA0.96100
Spain Pas ValleyB0.88700
Spain pop 2G0.97870
Spain ValenciaDQA10.96340
Sri Lanka Colombo SinhaleseDRB10.97900
Sudan Central RegionDPB10.97500
Sudan Central Shaigiya MixedA0.90400
Sudan Central Shaigiya MixedB0.85400
Sudan Central Shaigiya MixedC0.85370
Sudan East RashaidaA0.90340
Sudan East RashaidaB0.94730
Sudan East RashaidaC0.91040
Sudan MixedC0.94900
Sudan South NubaA0.87230
Sweden UppsalaA0.94100
Sweden UppsalaB0.93090
Switzerland Aargau-SolothurnA 0.97590
Switzerland BaselB 0.97530
Switzerland Geneva pop 2B 0.97400
Switzerland GraubundenDQB1 0.92730
Switzerland LausanneA 0.97800
Switzerland St GallenDQB1 0.97890
Taiwan AborigineDRB10.88200
Taiwan Ami pop 2DRB10.97700
Taiwan Atayal pop 2DRB10.96900
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from Middle ChinaB0.97600
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from Middle ChinaDRB10.97700
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from North ChinaB0.96500
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from South ChinaB0.97100
Taiwan Hakka pop 2DRB10.97100
Taiwan HanDRB10.97800
Taiwan Minnan pop 2DRB10.96700
Taiwan Paiwan pop 2DRB10.91200
Taiwan pop 2B0.97700
Taiwan pop1DRB1 0.95200
Taiwan Saisiat pop 2DRB10.95100
Thailand Bangkok pop 3DRB10.89800
Thailand Northeast pop 2C0.94200
Thailand Northeast pop 2DQB10.91900
Thailand Northeast pop 2DRB10.94400
Trinidad AfricanA0.90000
Trinidad AfricanB0.89500
Trinidad AfricanC0.93700
Trinidad AfricanDQA10.95000
Trinidad AfricanDQB10.95000
Trinidad AfricanDRB10.90000
Trinidad South AsianA0.93000
Trinidad South AsianB0.90000
Trinidad South AsianC0.94000
Trinidad South AsianDQA10.97000
Trinidad South AsianDQB10.97000
Trinidad South AsianDRB10.92000
Tunisia Gabes ArabDQB10.89700
Tunisia Jerba BerberDQB10.97000
Tunisia Jerba BerberDRB10.95000
United Arab Emirates pop 2A0.97700
United KingdomDPB10.92300
USA Alaska YupikB0.91000
USA CaucasianA0.62860
USA CaucasianB0.14340
USA CaucasianDRB10.79570
USA Minnesota OlmstedDPB10.96700
USA Minnesota OlmstedDQB10.93200
USA Minnesota OlmstedDRB10.93900
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanA 0.87443
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanC 0.80966
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanDQA1 0.00051
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanDQB1 0.28782
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanDRA 0.10529
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanDRB1 0.60688
USA NMDP JapaneseA 0.97153
USA NMDP JapaneseB 0.90943
USA NMDP Southeast AsianDRBX 0.10214
USA Philadelphia CaucasianA0.93900
USA South Dakota HutteritieG0.95100
USA Southern California MestizoDRB10.97960
USA Spain AncestryA 0.96100
USA Spain AncestryC 0.48600
USA Spain AncestryDRB1 0.84600
Venezuela Caracas MestizoA 0.95000
Venezuela Caracas MestizoB 0.89000
Venezuela Caracas MestizoC 0.91000
Venezuela Colonia TovarA 0.81390
Venezuela Colonia TovarB 0.92420
Venezuela Colonia TovarC 0.86620
Venezuela Marewa YucpaDPA10.96000
Venezuela Sierra de Perija YucpaB0.97700
Venezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus MixedC0.97500
Venezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus MixedDQB10.96400
Venezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus MixedDRB10.97000
Venezuela Zulia Maracaibo MixedC0.95000
Zambia LusakaC0.97700

Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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