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Line Allele Population % of individuals
that have the allele
Distribution² Haplotype³
 401   A*01  United Kingdom Orkney  0.182988See
 402   A*01  United Kingdom pop 2  0.2050101See
 403   A*01  United Kingdom South West  0.1687163See
 404   A*01  USA OPTN African American  0.05501,510See
 405   A*01  USA OPTN Asian  0.0320261See
 406   A*01  USA OPTN Caucasian  0.15708,525See
 407   A*01  USA OPTN Hispanic  0.06301,580See
 408   A*01  Venezuela Caracas Mestizo  0.070050See
 409   A*01  Venezuela Colonia Tovar  0.122186See
 410   A*01  Venezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus Mixed  0.042096See
 411   A*01  Venezuela Zulia Maracaibo Mixed  0.025020See
 412   A*01  Venezuela Zulia San Jose de Heras Mixed  0.025020See
 413   A*01  Vietnam Hanoi  0.030050See
 414   A*01  Wales 37.4 0.21101,798See
 415   A*01  Wales pop 2 35.5 0.197039,979See
 416   A*01:01  Argentina Rosario Toba 15.1 0.076086See
 417   A*01:01  Armenia combined Regions  0.1250100See
 418   A*01:01  Australia Cape York Peninsula Aborigine  0.0530103See
 419   A*01:01  Australia Groote Eylandt Aborigine  0.027075See
 420   A*01:01  Australia New South Wales Caucasian  0.1870134See
 421   A*01:01  Australia Yuendumu Aborigine  0.0080191See
 422   A*01:01  Austria 27.0 0.1460200See
 423   A*01:01  Azores Central Islands  0.080059See
 424   A*01:01  Azores Oriental Islands  0.115043See
 425   A*01:01  Azores Terceira Island  0.1090130See
 426   A*01:01  Belgium 29.2 0.155099See
 427   A*01:01  Brazil Puyanawa 8.7 0.0430150See
 428   A*01:01  Brazil Belo Horizonte Caucasian 13.7 0.079095See
 429   A*01:01  Brazil Mixed  0.0910108See
 430   A*01:01  Brazil Vale do Ribeira Quilombos 0.0420 0144See
 431   A*01:01  Bulgaria Romani  0.333013See
 432   A*01:01  Cameroon Baka Pygmy  010See
 433   A*01:01  Cameroon Bamileke  0.026077See
 434   A*01:01  Cameroon Beti  0.0110174See
 435   A*01:01  Cameroon Sawa  013See
 436   A*01:01  Cameroon Yaounde  0.011092See
 437   A*01:01  Central African Republic Mbenzele Pygmy 0.0 036See
 438   A*01:01  Chile Mapuche  0.061566See
 439   A*01:01  Chile Santiago Mixed 11.0 0.056670See
 440   A*01:01  China Beijing  0.037067See
 441   A*01:01  China Beijing Shijiazhuang Tianjian Han  0.0340618See
 442   A*01:01  China Canton Han  0.0060264See
 443   A*01:01  China Guangzhou  0.0100102See
 444   A*01:01  China Guizhou Province Bouyei  0.0050109See
 445   A*01:01  China Guizhou Province Miao pop 2  085See
 446   A*01:01  China Guizhou Province Shui  0153See
 447   A*01:01  China Hubei Han 4.6 0.02293,732See
 448   A*01:01  China Inner Mongolia Region  0.0540102See
 449   A*01:01  China Jiangsu Han  0.03703,238See
 450   A*01:01  China Jiangsu Province Han  0.0174334See
 451   A*01:01  China North Han  0105See
 452   A*01:01  China Qinghai Province Hui  0.0550110See
 453   A*01:01  China Shanxi HIV negative  0.091022See
 454   A*01:01  China Sichuan HIV negative  0.059034See
 455   A*01:01  China South Han  0.0050284See
 456   A*01:01  China Uyghur HIV negative  0.026019See
 457   A*01:01  China Yunnan Province Han  0.0150101See
 458   A*01:01  Colombia Bogotá Cord Blood 12.0 0.06081,463See
 459   A*01:01  Colombia North Chimila Amerindians  0.021247See
 460   A*01:01  Colombia North Wiwa El Encanto  0.019252See
 461   A*01:01  Croatia  0.0970150See
 462   A*01:01  Croatia pop 4  0.12444,000See
 463   A*01:01  Cuba Caucasian 15.7 0.079070See
 464   A*01:01  Cuba Mixed Race 14.3 0.071042See
 465   A*01:01  Czech Republic  0.1270106See
 466   A*01:01  Czech Republic NMDR  0.16075,099See
 467   A*01:01  Ecuador Amerindians  0.047663See
 468   A*01:01  England North West 38.6 0.2080298See
 469   A*01:01  Finland  0.089091See
 470   A*01:01  France French Bone Marrow Donor Registry  0.130142,623See
 471   A*01:01  France Southeast 27.7 0.1500130See
 472   A*01:01  Gaza 33.3 0.178642See
 473   A*01:01  Georgia Svaneti Region Svan  0.056080See
 474   A*01:01  Georgia Tibilisi  0.0570109See
 475   A*01:01  Georgia Tibilisi Kurd  0.067031See
 476   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Austria minority  0.15611,698See
 477   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Bosnia and Herzegovina minority  0.15131,028See
 478   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - China minority  0.03801,282See
 479   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Croatia minority  0.12132,057See
 480   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - France minority  0.13761,406See
 481   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - German donors  0.15373,456,066See
 482   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Greece minority  0.10381,894See
 483   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Italy minority  0.13301,159See
 484   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Netherlands minority  0.16811,374See
 485   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Portugal minority  0.11581,176See
 486   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Romania minority  0.14571,234See
 487   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Spain minority  0.11891,107See
 488   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - Turkey minority  0.10324,856See
 489   A*01:01  Germany DKMS - United Kingdom minority  0.18031,043See
 490   A*01:01  Germany pop 6  0.15418,862See
 491   A*01:01  Germany pop 8  0.150739,689See
 492   A*01:01  Ghana Ga-Adangbe 4.6 0.0229131See
 493   A*01:01  Greece pop 6  0.1136242See
 494   A*01:01  Greece pop 8 25.3 0.144683See
 495   A*01:01  Guinea Bissau Balanta  0.021048See
 496   A*01:01  Guinea Bissau Bijago  0.022023See
 497   A*01:01  Guinea Bissau Fula  0.081031See
 498   A*01:01  Guinea Bissau Papel  0.080025See
 499   A*01:01  Hong Kong Chinese 2.1 0.0110569See
 500   A*01:01  Hong Kong Chinese BMDR  0.00847,595See


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* % of individuals that have the allele: Percentage of individuals who have the allele in the population (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.
   AF = 1-square_root(1-PF)
   PF = 1-(1-AF)2
   AF = Allele Frequency; PF = Phenotype Frequency, i.e. (%) of the individuals carrying the allele.
* Allele Frequencies marked with (*) were calculated from all alleles in the corresponding G group.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.

Displaying 401 to 500 (from 29,875) records   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 of 299  


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
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