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The list below shows all populations in AFND that contains the allele. If an allele has an entry with a lower resolution this will be shown at the end.



Allele reported 152 time(s) and present in 141 population(s).

Population Phenotype
Frequency (%)
Distribution² Haplotype³
MARMorocco Settat Chaouya39.40.197098See
MARMorocco Atlantic Coast Chaouya0.197098See
RUSRussia Bashkortostan, Bashkirs35.00.1875120See
ESPSpain Malaga32.50.1784160See
ESPSpain Andalusia0.177099See
ESPSpain Granada0.1760280See
PRTAzores Terceira Island0.1750130See
ESPSpain Murcia0.1750173See
TUNTunisia Ghannouch0.170082See
PRTPortugal Azores Terceira Island31.60.1667130See
TUNTunisia Gabes0.163195See
JORJordan Amman0.1590146See
SAUSaudi Arabia Guraiat and Hail24.80.1560213See
INDIndia East UCBB27.90.15212403See
USAUSA Philadelphia Caucasian25.50.1520141See
ESPSpain (Catalunya, Navarra, Extremadura, Aaragón, Cantabria,27.20.14814335See
RUSRussia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk region, Nagaybaks29.50.1470112See
AREUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi0.144252See
SAUSaudi Arabia pop 524.70.1424158See
USAUSA African American pop 70.1400193See
GMBGambia pop 325.00.1370939See
ESPSpain Valencia25.50.1368577See
ESPSpain Las Alpujarras0.129485See
BRABrazil Southeast Caucasian25.20.1260103See
RUSRussia Bashkortostan, Tatars22.90.1250192See
INDIndia North UCBB22.90.12385849See
INDIndia Mumbai Maratha0.120091See
BRABrazil Paraná Caucasian22.60.1193641See
MNGMongolia Tsaatan0.1180144See
CHESwitzerland Graubunden0.1156759See
USAUSA San Antonio Caucasian0.1149222See
CHESwitzerland Luzern0.11411553See
ITAItaly North pop 322.70.114097See
BRABrazil South Caucasian0.109673See
CHESwitzerland Bern0.10933545See
MEXMexico Mestizo pop 40.1081269See
CZECzech Republic NMDR0.10785099See
BRABrazil Southeast Mixed Race21.40.107042See
INDIndia Central UCBB21.20.10624204See
LKASri Lanka Colombo20.20.1050714See
USAUSA San Diego19.70.1050496See
INDIndia West UCBB21.00.10505829See
RUSRussia Belgorod region19.60.1013153See
USAUSA Caucasian pop 50.1010268See
TUNTunisia pop 30.1010104See
IRLIreland South17.60.0980250See
CHESwitzerland Aargau-Solothurn0.09691838See
INDIndia Northeast UCBB19.30.0963296See
RUSRussia Nizhny Novgorod, Russians18.60.09601510See
CHESwitzerland St Gallen0.09522113See
ZAFSouth Africa Worcester17.00.0950159See
HRVCroatia Gorski Kotar Region0.095063See
ITAItaly Bergamo18.80.0950101See
CHESwitzerland Zurich0.09384875See
MEXMexico Chihuahua Chihuahua City Pop 218.20.090988See
USAUSA San Francisco Caucasian0.0890220See
FRAFrance West17.00.0889100See
INDIndia South UCBB17.60.088211446See
MEXMexico Mexico City Mestizo population0.0874143See
CHESwitzerland Geneva pop 20.08661267See
CZECzech Republic pop 316.70.0860180See
CHESwitzerland Basel0.08521888See
CHESwitzerland Lausanne0.0824993See
NICNicaragua Managua15.40.0811339See
USAUSA Minnesota Olmsted0.0810339See
ESPSpain Andalusia Romani0.080099See
CHESwitzerland Sion0.0800832See
RUSRussia Karelia0.08001075See
BELBelgium pop 215.10.0780715See
ITAItaly pop 50.0770975See
KENKenya, Nyanza Province, Luo tribe15.00.0750100See
ITAItaly Rome15.00.0750100See
MYSMalaysia Peninsular Malay13.30.0726951See
NLDNetherlands Leiden0.07201305See
CHESwitzerland Lugano0.06921169See
USAUSA South Texas Hispanic0.0690194See
CHNChina Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Northeast12.90.0680496See
COLColombia North Wiwa El Encanto0.067352See
MNGMongolia Oold0.0670104See
MYSMalaysia Peninsular Indian12.50.0664271See
CHNChina Marrow Donor Registry0.0650600See
KORSouth Korea pop 212.10.0650207See
TWNTaiwan pop 20.0650364See
GRCCretan Islanders0.0645124See
BRABrazil Puyanawa12.70.0630150See
TZATanzania Maasai11.60.0627336See
NLDNetherlands UMCU10.90.062564See
GRCGreece pop 60.0620242See
MNGMongolia Khalkha0.0600200See
MEXMexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 20.0598234See
GRCGreece pop211.30.0580120See
USAUSA South Dakota Lakota Sioux0.0570302See
CHNChina Hubei Han11.20.05573732See
MEXMexico Mexico City Tlalpan10.90.0545330See
GRCGreece pop 810.80.054283See
KORSouth Korea pop 10.0540324See
FRAFrance Southeast10.00.0510130See
USAUSA Southern California Mestizo9.60.049273See
CHNChina Zhejiang Han pop 20.0456833See
GRCGreece pop 50.0450500See
VNMVietnam Kinh DQB17.90.04212076See
HKGHong Kong Chinese HKBMDR. DQ and DP7.50.03811064See
HKGHong Kong Chinese HKBMDR HLA 11 loci7.00.03575266See
CHLChile Santiago Mixed7.00.035670See
MEXMexico Tixcacaltuyub Maya0.029967See
RUSRussian Federation Vologda Region5.00.0294119See
SWESweden Southern Sami0.0260130See
TWNTaiwan Han Chinese0.0240504See
MYSMalaysia Peninsular Chinese4.60.0232194See
INDIndia Delhi4.50.0227112See
MEXMexico Hidalgo Mezquital Valley/ Otomi4.20.020872See
ECUEcuadorean Amerindians0.020075See
ITAItaly Central0.0190380See
NZLNew Zealand Maori0.0180200See
MEXMexico Veracruz Xalapa3.60.017984See
CODCongo Kinshasa Bantu2.20.017090See
MEXMexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 30.0140256See
ESPSpain Tenerife Island0.014083See
MKDMacedonia pop 20.012080See
ECUEcuador African pop20.011145See
COLColombia North Chimila Amerindians0.010647See
IRNIran Saqqez-Baneh Kurds0.008360See
IRNIran Kurd pop 20.008060See
MEXMexico Chiapas Lacandon Mayans0.0069218See
DEUGermany Essen1.20.0060174See
JPNJapan Central0.0030371See
SWESweden Northern Sami0.0030154See
AREUnited Arab Emirates Pop 10.0030570See
JPNJapan pop 170.00263078See
RWARwanda Kigali Hutu and Tutsi0.0020281See
PNGPapua New Guinea Lowland Wosera0.000079See
MEXMexico Highlands Mestizos0.00.0000160See
MEXMexico Nuevo Leon Mestizo0.00.000040See
KORSouth Korea pop 30.0000485See
RUSRussia Siberia Negidal0.000035See
ESPSpain Malaga Romani0.00.000080See
USAUSA Alaska Yupik0.0000252See
RUSRussia Nenet Mixed0.000055See
RUSRussia Arkhangelsk Pomor0.000063See
RUSRussia Murmansk Saomi Mixed0.000070See

Frequency data at lower resolution for this allele can be found in links below

Allele  Number of Populations 


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* Phenotype Frequency: Percentage of individuals who have the allele or gene (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.


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