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The HLA Adverse Drug Reaction Database (HLA-ADR)


The HLA and Adverse Drug Reaction Database (HLA-ADR) is part of the Allele Frequencies Net Database (AFND). HLA-ADR captures data from publications where HLA alleles and haplotypes have been associated with ADRs (e.g. Stevens–Johnson Syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis and drug-induced liver injury). HLA-ADR was created by using data obtained through systematic review of the literature and semi-automated literature mining. The database also draws on data already present in AFND allowing users to compare and analyze allele frequencies in both ADR patients and healthy populations.

The success of this module depends on your contribution. Please contact us if you have data to contribute.

Please cite this website using the following reference: Ghattaoraya GS, Dundar Y, González-Galarza FF, Maia MH, Santos EJ, da Silva AL, McCabe A, Middleton D, Alfirevic A, Dickson R and Jones AR A web resource for mining HLA associations with adverse drug reactions: HLA-ADR Database (Oxford) 2016. [Full text]

Database information

Database Information Total
HLA alleles in database318
Drugs present in database48
HLA-ADR association records1945
Published studies120


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