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Line Cytokine Population Frequency (%) Sample Size Location
1IL-1alpha/ - 889 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine56.182323_0_S_51_0_W
2IL-1alpha/ - 889 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine37.582323_0_S_51_0_W
3IL-1alpha/ - 889 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine6.482323_0_S_51_0_W
4IL-1beta/ -511 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine33.782323_0_S_51_0_W
5IL-1beta/ -511 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine51.182323_0_S_51_0_W
6IL-1beta/ -511 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine15.282323_0_S_51_0_W
7IL-1beta/ 3962 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine64.982323_0_S_51_0_W
8IL-1beta/ 3962 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine27.682323_0_S_51_0_W
9IL-1beta/ 3962 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine7.582323_0_S_51_0_W
10IL-1RA/mspa 11100 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine7.082323_0_S_51_0_W
11IL-1RA/mspa 11100 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine39.582323_0_S_51_0_W
12IL-1RA/mspa 11100 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine53.582323_0_S_51_0_W
13IL1R/psti 1970 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine31.282323_0_S_51_0_W
14IL1R/psti 1970 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine49.782323_0_S_51_0_W
15IL1R/psti 1970 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine19.182323_0_S_51_0_W
16IL-2/ - 330 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine9.882323_0_S_51_0_W
17IL-2/ - 330 GTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine40.482323_0_S_51_0_W
18IL-2/ - 330 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine49.882323_0_S_51_0_W
19IL-2/ 166 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine48.082323_0_S_51_0_W
20IL-2/ 166 GTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine41.682323_0_S_51_0_W
21IL-2/ 166 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine10.482323_0_S_51_0_W
22IL-4/ - 1098 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine1.382323_0_S_51_0_W
23IL-4/ - 1098 GTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine25.782323_0_S_51_0_W
24IL-4/ - 1098 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine73.082323_0_S_51_0_W
25IL-4/ - 590 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine46.982323_0_S_51_0_W
26IL-4/ - 590 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine44.782323_0_S_51_0_W
27IL-4/ - 590 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine8.482323_0_S_51_0_W
28IL-4/ - 33 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine57.682323_0_S_51_0_W
29IL-4/ - 33 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine26.582323_0_S_51_0_W
30IL-4/ - 33 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine15.982323_0_S_51_0_W
31IL-4R alpha/1902 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine55.182323_0_S_51_0_W
32IL-4R alpha/1902 AGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine39.182323_0_S_51_0_W
33IL-4R alpha/1902 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine5.882323_0_S_51_0_W
34IL-6/ - 174 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine5.882323_0_S_51_0_W
35IL-6/ - 174 CGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine43.882323_0_S_51_0_W
36IL-6/ - 174 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine50.482323_0_S_51_0_W
37IL-6/ 565 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine3.482323_0_S_51_0_W
38IL-6/ 565 AGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine44.082323_0_S_51_0_W
39IL-6/ 565 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine52.682323_0_S_51_0_W
40IL-10/ - 592 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine8.282323_0_S_51_0_W
41IL-10/ - 592 ACBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine46.282323_0_S_51_0_W
42IL-10/ - 592 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine45.682323_0_S_51_0_W
43IL-10/ - 819 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine46.282323_0_S_51_0_W
44IL-10/ - 819 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine46.082323_0_S_51_0_W
45IL-10/ - 819 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine7.882323_0_S_51_0_W
46IL-10/ - 1082 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine39.782323_0_S_51_0_W
47IL-10/ - 1082 AGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine49.682323_0_S_51_0_W
48IL-10/ - 1082 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine10.782323_0_S_51_0_W
49IL-12/ - 1188 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine49.282323_0_S_51_0_W
50IL-12/ - 1188 ACBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine42.982323_0_S_51_0_W
51IL-12/ - 1188 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine7.982323_0_S_51_0_W
52IFNgamma/ 874 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine35.282323_0_S_51_0_W
53IFNgamma/ 874 ATBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine51.082323_0_S_51_0_W
54IFNgamma/ 874 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine13.882323_0_S_51_0_W
55TNFalpha/ - 238 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine0.082323_0_S_51_0_W
56TNFalpha/ - 238 AGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine10.382323_0_S_51_0_W
57TNFalpha/ - 238 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine89.782323_0_S_51_0_W
58TNFalpha/ - 308 AABrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine0.982323_0_S_51_0_W
59TNFalpha/ - 308 AGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine25.382323_0_S_51_0_W
60TNFalpha/ - 308 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine73.882323_0_S_51_0_W
61TGFbeta1/codon 10 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine22.082323_0_S_51_0_W
62TGFbeta1/codon 10 CTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine48.282323_0_S_51_0_W
63TGFbeta1/codon 10 TTBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine29.882323_0_S_51_0_W
64TGFbeta1/codon 25 CCBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine1.482323_0_S_51_0_W
65TGFbeta1/codon 25 CGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine13.682323_0_S_51_0_W
66TGFbeta1/codon 25 GGBrazil Parana Mixed Cytokine85.082323_0_S_51_0_W


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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